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The Tennis Program:

ITF Qualified Tennis Competition
and Challenge Matches

Israel is the host country for several ITF tennis tournaments. In April 2008, Israel Sports Exchange (ISE) sponsored two United States ITF qualified girls to participate in two ITF tournaments in Israel. In addition to competing in the two tournaments the girls saw the Israeli National Tennis Team play a Fed Cup Match against the Czech Republic, trained with high level Israeli coaches and players, were hosted by several Israeli families and spent a number of days touring and learning about Israel, its history and culture.

In addition to the ITF tournaments hosted by Israel, ISE has been invited to bring USTA ranked tennis players to Israel to compete against high level Israeli ranked tennis players. The format of the competition will be similar to the Fed Cup format. The dates for these challenge matches will be determined based upon school and vacation schedules of the potential participants. For more detailed information on the challenge matches please contact Larry Seidman.

During the summer of 2006, ISE took four (4) tennis players to Israel.  They played in local tournaments, trained with several different Israeli clubs, were hosted by kids their age and to ed by the ISE families in the United States.  Some of the Israeli kids even attended some family functions with their U.S. hosts.  In addition, several of the Israeli tennis players were also hosted by the families of the ISE participants.  These Israeli tennis players participated in local ITF tournaments and attended the U.S. Open with their host families. 

In addition, when the parents of the ISE participants went to Israel, they were hosted by the families of the Israeli tennis players they hosted.  Many of the participants have created lasting friendships.




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