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"My trip to Israel, with my good friend Elizabeth, was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. The goal of this trip was to tour the country, while playing competitive tennis. We achieved both. Elizabeth and I did very well in our tournaments, and we still had plenty of time to see some of the amazing sights that Israel is known for.

Our flight from Newark arrived in Tel Aviv, Israelís largest city on a Friday afternoon. We spent Friday night in Jerusalem with a visit to the Western Wall. The next morning we were off to see the Israeli National Tennis Team play a Fed Cup match against the Czech Republic. For the next few days we stayed in Tel Aviv practicing, while trying to get over out jet lag, before traveling one hour north to Haifa. In Haifa we stayed with a host family while competing in the tournament. My host family lived on a mountain with a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea. During our time in the Haifa area we saw many sights including a series of beautiful caves called Rosh Hanikra.

Upon completion of the tournament we headed to the city of Beer Sheva in southern Israel. Beer Sheva is mostly dessert, except for the Dead Sea. We spent one afternoon floating and covering ourselves with Dead Sea Mud.

The highlight of our trip seemed to be the time of year we were there. We arrived at the end of April with two days left of Passover. During our two week visit Israel celebrated Holocaust Remembrance Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day. On Holocaust Remembrance Day we attended a ceremony in Haifa. Earlier that day there was a siren, where by the whole country stopped to show their respect. On Memorial Day another sire was also sounded. As part of our Memorial Day we visited the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. Upon exiting the museum and see the view of the city, you realize how amazing it was for the Holocaust survivors to finally arrive in Jerusalem.

In the evening Israel celebrated their Independence Day. We attended a festival that had food, music, and fireworks. This Independence Day was especially special because it was the 60th anniversary of Israeli independence. Throughout the country there were banners acknowledging how special this anniversary was. Overall, my trip to Israel was an unforgettable experience."

"I can say with confidence that ISE is superior to any Israeli touring organization. It combines interacting with Israeli teens, thorough touring, and serious training." -Lev

SE is the perfect mix of experiencing Israel and tennis training. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity everyone should take advantage of" -Philip

"Dear Larry -

I had such an amazing trip to Israel. It was an experience that I will never forget. Some of my most memorable experiences were seeing the West Wall, visiting the Dead Sea, the Holocaust Museum, Rosh Anikrah and shopping in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Most importantly I really enjoyed spending time with my host families. They were so nice. I really appreciate the opportunity you gave me to experience a trip of a lifetime. I had never been out of the country except to Mexico. I hope to see you in New York at the US Open this summer! Thanks again" - Elizabeth

"ISE was a program filled with excitement and adventure. I can't wait to go back again!" -Arielle


"ISE allowed me to interact with Israeli teens with whom I formed lasting friendships. I can't wait to visit my friends when I'm back in Israel' -Alyssa



"Tennis in the morning, touring around one of the most beautiful countries during the afternoon, and spending time with Israeli teens at night made my trip so incredible' -Joanna

"Dear Larry -

Thank you very much for the opportunity to visit Israel. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I hope these pictures express to you what a wonderful time I had. Thank you again" - Hanna

"Dear Larry -

Calvin and I would like to thank you for the truly wonderful opportunity you gave Hanna. No matter who has asked about her experience in Israel, a neighbor, tennis parent or coach, I have yet to hear her say anything less than amazing. The trophies finally found a spot along side her other trophies last night after spending the week in the middle of her dresser.

Please let us know if Chicago is a stop on anyone's visit to America. We would gladly house a few athletes. Hopefully we can reciprocate with a visit that can come close to Hanna's experience. From the day trips, history lessons and numerous holiday celebrations, to the market trips and her host family, Hanna felt welcome and cared for. Please thank Guy and Yuval for their caring efforts.

Thanks again" Maxine & Calvin

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